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What Makes Our Coffee Better Than Our Competitors

What Makes Our Coffee Better Than Our Competitors

Ever notice the difference between the taste of coffee from a gas station and from a cafe? The cafe is almost always better. That’s because they use better grind and usually a better coffee maker.

In much the same way our coffee is better than our competitors because we take the time to not only use better coffee but we buy the best coffee possible from award winning coffee roasters to ensure our customers get the best beans possible.


We also make our coffee with water that has gone through a reverse osmosis filtration system so that the purity and flavor is unmatched.

Our coffee bean grinders are the best in the business too. This is an area that many cafes don’t go the extra mile because grinders can get very expensive very fast, especially in commercial settings. When making good coffee you need a very consistent grind to get the best flavor and that consistent grind only comes from the best equipment possible.

Lastly, we make better coffee because we care – a lot. Our baristas care too and they really know their stuff. Instead of just hiring random people looking to work a register we hire only people who have a passion for coffee and for improving their barista skills. Our employees all know how to operate a machine and they all have the skill to produce good espresso on a fully manual machine.

It is our opinion that fully automatic espresso machines are fine for the average shop but for us we want to show off our skills as artisans. Making good coffee is an art form after all and it is a skill that only experienced and passionate people can do well.

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