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The 5 Best Travel Mugs to Fit Under Keurig Machines

The 5 Best Travel Mugs to Fit Under Keurig Machines

Incorporating a Keurig into my daily routine has been effective in knocking some time off my morning scramble. The preparation requires I check the machine’s water content, make sure it is plugged in, and insert a k-cup.

I love being able to put a mug under the machine and then walking away to tend to another task. I will start brewing, go take care of something else, and come back to a hot, freshly brewed cup.

My biggest dilemma is making use of my Keurig when I am rushing around. Coming back to a freshly brewed cup of coffee is great, but having to transfer that cup into a travel mug on my way out the door feels inefficient and wasteful.

There are lots of travel mugs out there that will fit under a Keurig. Some of them require removing the drip base to make room for the mug, while others fit directly under the machine. Choosing the right one comes down to your needs.

Here’s a summary your best options for tumblers that fit directly under the spouts of Keurigs and other k-cup brewers. Please consider this list of best travel mugs to fit under a Keurig before making your next purchase.

I’ve Reviewed Each of These Self-Filling Coffee Machines Below
Image Product
Asobu 5th Ave Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug
Check Price on Amazon
Asobu 5th Ave Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

► The Most Stylish Mug of Them All
► The double-walled vacuum insulation will keep your coffee hot for a long time and the fancy lid won’t leak either.

Keurig 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Travel Mug
Check Price on Amazon
Keurig 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Travel Mug

► The Shortest and Cheapest
► This mug is short enough to fit under even the Keurig Mini and the black version is very affordable. It’s been a long-standing bestseller.

Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug
Check Price on Amazon
Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug

► High Quality Construction!
► I’m a fan of this mug. It looks great and the lid is super nice to actually drink out of.

Keurig 14oz Contigo
Check Price on Amazon
Keurig 14oz Contigo

► Shortest Contigo Autoseal on the Market
► Contigo Autoseal mugs have long been a bestseller in the travel mug market. This one fits under most K-Cup brewers and performs like the big versions.

Mighty Mug Solo Tumbler
Check Price on Amazon
Mighty Mug Solo Tumbler

► No-Tip Double Wall Tumbler
► This mug is coated in a non-slip grip material and the base is designed to resist tipping over meaning less spills!

To see full reviews of these mugs just scroll down a little lower on this page.

Mighty Mug Solo Tumbler

This mug immediately caught my attention because of its ability to withstand knocks from 360 degrees. This means no more reaching for my drink and accidentally slamming it across the counter.

The mug has double walls and is designed to be sweat-proof. I am blown away by the fact that it will stay upright on boats, planes, and trains.

Since it fits perfectly in a Keurig, it would be a great choice for someone who is on the go often and travels regularly. Grabbing the filled mug can be the last step out the door, and the morning commute won’t get messy.

You wouldn’t know this mug is so durable, with its spill-proof technology just by looking at it. It has a clean, minimal look, just like many other travel mugs. I love the purple tumbler.

Asobu 5th Ave Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

There is something about carrying a stainless steel coffee mug around in the cold winter that just feels right. When I saw this polished stainless steel mug not only would keep my drinks hot for six hours, but would also fit under my Keurig, I was sold.

This tumbler is 13 ounces and fits in most car holders. In order to use it straight under the Keurig, the drip base must be removed, which may make this less convenient than the previous, which fits directly.

This mug is leak-proof, making it another option to avoid the mess that can come from taking drinks on the go. It comes in black, silver, brown, and white, each option boasting a refined and modern look.

Keurig 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Travel Mug

I love and trust my Keurig, so I was intrigued by what their own travel mug consists of. This one might not be the most eye-catching of the mugs, but it does everything I look for in a travel mug compatible with a Keurig.

The exterior is stainless steel, and the interior is plastic. I like the classic mug approach here, with a simple airtight flip lid and a nice grip to keep your mug secure and your hands a comfortable temperature. The lid is dishwasher safe, but the body needs to be hand washed.

This is a great versatile choice especially if you have multiple Keurigs. I have a Keurig at home, but also have one at the office, so this cup would be useful because I know I could use it with any Keurig machine, even the miniature ones.

Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug

I love the simplicity of this black, compact travel mug. It is designed to fit under a Keurig, and has a double-walled interior of stainless steel. This keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours.

This mug is clearly designed with comfort and elegance in mind. The sides are dented to create an easy grip, but it also adds to the overall shape and design of the cup. The matte black finish adds a unique touch, with just a ring of stainless steel visible from around the lid.

Like the previous cups, this one will fit into most car cup holders, and has a spill-proof lid. As far as overall function and design, this one is my favorite on the list.

Keurig 14oz Contigo

I like this travel mug a lot more than the other Keurig travel mug on this list. First of all, the overall look is clean, polished and elegant. I love the slightly rounded shape.

While some other mugs can stay hot longer, this one still has a five hour period where drinks will stay hot. I don’t need my coffee to stay hot longer than five hours, so this is a great choice for me. Being leak and spill proof is also a big plus.

I like that this mug is vacuum-insulated and has a double-wall stainless steel interior. The stainless steel exterior is captivating and gorgeous, and the Keurig label on the bottom looks more elegant on this tumbler than the other one on the list.

My favorite part about this one is the autoseal lid. You simply push in on the side when you are ready to drink, and let go when you’re done. It requires no extra energy as it can be held naturally with the thumb pressed against the button.

How to Choose a Travel Mug to Fit Under a Keurig Machine

Making a selection for the right travel mug to use with your Keurig can be a fun process. There are a few key things to consider, and the rest come down to personal preference and lifestyle choice. This list was comprised with a few key factors in mind: durability, insulation, size, and look.

The size and durability of the travel mug will vary based on your needs. All of these are great choices for putting under a Keurig, and they all have varying levels of durability. If you’re clumsy, something like the Mighty Mug would be a good choice because it can withstand being knocked over from any angle.

Look is important as well, because you’ll want something that is enjoyable to carry around day after day. Some mugs spend most of their time unseen in the car cup holder, while others never leave their human’s side.

Consider how often you’ll use the travel mug and how it needs to be cleaned, as well.

Travel Mugs to Fit Under Keurigs FAQ

How much coffee can a Keurig brew?

Traditionally, Keurigs brewed coffee at six, eight and ten ounces. Thankfully, for the avid coffee consumers, they have upped the brewing potential. You now have the potential to brew 12, 14, and 16 ounces with their K-Mug pods.

What is a drip tray?

The drip tray sits below the machine, catching any excess coffee that may have brewed over the sides or missed the cup. It prevents the hot coffee from dripping out onto a countertop.

For some mugs that require removal of the drip tray, you would simply detach the bottom and set it aside before placing the mug below the dispenser.

Are Keurig brand travel mugs the best choice to pair with a Keurig machine?

This question comes down to personal preference. I do not believe there is anything less-desirable about a travel mug that checks off all the right boxes but doesn’t have the brand name on it. The mugs in this list have a variety of functions, but one thing is true about them all: they are high-quality products.

With that said, the travel mugs designed by Keurig were designed for Keurig, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume they knew exactly what they needed to design in order to create an optimum product for their machine.

While other travel mugs may be perfect for use with a Keurig, they may have been designed with other functions in mind, which could potentially be a bonus depending on your needs.


Finding a travel mug that is compatible with your Keurig machine can make life a lot easier. Different mugs will work better with different lifestyles.

My favorite is the Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug. The black matte finish is beautiful, and I would love to carry it around on the go. The spill proof lid and dented, graspable sides match my needs perfectly, and help assure me I won’t spill all over the place while I’m on the go.

The mug stays hot for 12 hours, which is useful for me because I tend to sip slowly throughout the day. I drink coffee basically all day at work, but I really only go through a cup or two. Having a travel mug that will keep my contents hot for 12 hours completely eliminates the need for me to get up and reheat every half hour.

When making the choice for your perfect travel mug, keep in mind all things covered in this article. The hunt for a new travel mug will be a fun and rewarding one so long as you are able to keep your personal needs in mind.

This list of best travel mugs to fit under a Keurig should help get you started.

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