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How Does Pour Over Coffee Compare to French Press?

Manual methods, to this day, remain the best way to make coffee. They provide all-around better coffee. If you manually make coffee, you have a ton of different options for doing so, and it can be a tough choice on what method you prefer. With that in mind, what makes Pour Over and French Press Coffee different from one another?

Now since not every consumer has the time set aside to go compare the differences between all the different methods and how they taste, we do it for you. Gamble Bay Coffee is here to provide you with one of the most reliable sources of information related to coffee on the internet.

We want you as the consumer to always be drinking a type of coffee that you love the most, so let’s look at how Pour Over coffee and French Press coffee are different.

How are Pour Over and French Press Coffee Different?

Both of these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. I personally prefer French Press coffee, but it is not necessarily the best coffee out there, but how is it different from Pour Over Coffee?

  1. Pour over coffee requires a paper filter. French Press coffee doesn’t use a paper filter so you’re getting more out of the coffee than you would be with Pour Over Coffee. The reason I say this is that the paper filter blocks a lot of the Oils that make coffee beneficial from getting into the coffee.
  2. French Press coffee uses pressure to do its’ job rather than time. You can vary the time you let French Press coffee steep, but it has ideal times. Pour Over coffee you pour the water through and you have to monitor and make sure it is going through at a steady suitable rate.

These are the two most important differences between French Press Coffee and Pour Over Coffee. It is what really makes a difference in the taste and enjoyment of the coffee. Now let’s take a look at each of them individually.

Is Pour Over Coffee better than French Press Coffee?


For the most part, I would have to say no. Although preference in taste can make a bit of a difference, most pour over coffee makers have plastic in them that leaves a taste behind that generally isn’t present in French Press coffee makers. Now, although I don’t think Pour Over is better than French Press coffee, I firmly believe that pour over coffee is still better than automatic coffee,

Most manual methods of making coffee are better than using drip coffee, as manual methods offer more versatility and choice when making your coffee. The kettles for pour over coffee can get somewhat expensive, so it may not be a feasible choice for everyone.

Pour over coffee is a method created by Japanese people to have a unique way of making coffee. One thing you should know about this special style of Japanese coffee is that it isn’t something you can just pour and go. It requires a special kind of kettle, a certain kind of carafe, and good beans. This particular method of making coffee requires a lot of patience as it is one of the most time-consuming methods of brewing coffee.

The method uses a narrow spout to produce an even, steady stream of water – instead of flooding the filter and letting it drip, you deliver a continuous, measured amount of water over a period of several minutes. This method may seem to be a bit tedious and annoying to take so much time to brew the coffee, but it is well worth the wait.

The resulting coffee tastes different than most other methods of making coffee you can find. The flavor can be sweet and bright, something quite distinct in coffee. It is rare to have coffee that tastes as unique as this method, so I really think this method of coffee making is worth all the time it consumes.

Now if you’re looking into getting a pour over coffee kettle, there are several you can find, but I would personally recommend this Stagg pour over kettle.

Is French Press Coffee better than Pour Over Coffee?

Overall, I would have to say no. I think it is far superior, personally, for many reasons, but this comparison isn’t meant to be biased.

French press coffee is some of the best tasting coffee you can make. Depending on how you prefer your coffee, this can require a good bit of patience to really brew it to perfection.

The reason the process requires so much patience is that most grocery stores don’t sell the right kind of coffee grinds to make it. French press requires the beans to be ground to a specific coarseness so that the coffee is still clean enough to drink while sill allowing the water to get the most out of the beans.

This coffee is also quite healthy compared to many other coffee brewing methods. For one, being that there is no paper filter, unlike the Pour Over method which does use one, the French press coffee retains many of the minerals and oils throughout the brew. So you are gaining many of the things in the coffee that makes it so healthy, as well as giving it such a bold taste.

We know that spending a fortune on an automatic grinder and a fancy French press is not feasible for everyone, so for most people, a good manual grinder like this JavaPresse will work just fine. However, if you can spare the cash for an automatic grinder, and you are looking for something different, we have a page on grinders.

The self-grinding also goes for Pour Over coffee, although you don’t necessarily need to do so.

The grinds help give a bold taste and texture to the coffee, while also giving it a natural “fresh coffee” fragrance that you just don’t get from regular brewing. The downside is that, for some people, this bold taste is a little too much.

Although it is somewhat time-consuming to brew it, the satisfaction you feel from having a properly brewed cup of hot French press coffee makes it so worth it.

So Which is Best?

Overall I would have to say that French Press coffee is the best of the two. It retains the oils from the coffee so it is much healthier than Pour Over Coffee. It also has much more texture and has a much bolder taste that many people enjoy.

However, because of the filter, Pour Over Coffee will still be the preferable method for many people.

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