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Is Nespresso Actually Real Espresso or Strong Coffee? Top Machines Compared

I’ve often found myself wondering about the differences between the Nespresso and the Traditional Espresso Machines. Have you ever been in the same situation? When I asked my friends this, some of them replied that they had thought of it earlier. Some others, who didn’t think of it, told me that it made them wonder about it the moment I mentioned this.

And that is exactly why we’re here today, to take a look at the main differences between Traditional Espresso and the Espresso that Nespresso makes you. The differences between the two kinds of machines, as well as the two kinds of systems. While they attempt to bring you to the same ultimate product, -your wonderful cup of espresso- it seems highly unlikely that both of them provide you with the same things.

So, don’t forget to read this article till the very end to know the main features of each of them and to find out which one, then, would be the best choice for yourself! So, what are we waiting for?

What is the Traditional Espresso Brewing System?

Traditionally, espresso is made from roasted coffee beans. These beans are available for sale in the market even now, naturally, since a lot of people still stick to the traditional method because of the simple fact that some people don’t love any other taste at all! Anyway, these roasted beans are then ground, and then they are brewed to get the coffee extract, which is prepared just the way you want to.

However, the main features of this system might be summed up in a few points as follows:

  • In this system, most of the work is manual or done by machines under manual supervision. Given the fact that you aren’t just using something like instant coffee, grinding and brewing are actually important parts that you must pay attention to. Click here to read our article on the best Manual Coffee Grinders for espresso available out there.
  • Roasted beans of several kinds are available in the market and the differences between these actually make a difference when it comes to your coffee, making it really important to seriously consider the beans you’re using. Click here to read our article on the best Coffee Beans available for making Espresso!
  • Next in line is the simple fact that since a lot of this system depends on the person, their measurements when it comes to sugar, coffee and the time given to boiling and all things like that make a lot of difference in the taste.
  • It is easily evident, thus, that the best way to make the best Espresso here is not by relaxing, but by actually mastering the art of making Espresso! And that is why professionals prefer this way, they strongly believe that if made perfectly, this system can make the kind of espresso that other systems, like the Nespresso, cannot even come close to in terms of anything; and we’re talking all the way from flavor to aroma!
  • Finally, this process, although more demanding in terms of personal presence and efforts, is also comparatively cheaper as long as you don’t intentionally go for the most expensive models out there. There are a lot of economically viable models available out there that do the job perfectly!

What is This Nespresso?

Nespresso is a comparatively modern technology, that uses specialized and ready-made capsules to make the espresso. This machine boasts of bringing comfort levels to you that were not imaginable earlier. All you have to do is just put in the capsules and relax, because the machine will prepare the Espresso by itself.

Please keep in mind here, that the Nespresso has two kinds of products, the Original line and the Vertuo line. Click here to read our article on the differences between the two.

But, regardless of that, let us take a look at the main features of the Nespresso, which are as follows:

  • The Brewing system being fully automated, the person making the Espresso doesn’t even have to know anything about making it! All you need is the capsule and the Nespresso machine, and you can prepare your own Espresso!
  • Another fun thing in this case is that some machines don’t let you make Coffee. Only the Vertuoline machines such as the Breville Vertuo let you make coffee, the other models being mostly restricted to only espresso.
  • Since some machines read bar-codes and prepare your coffee the way it’s really supposed to, there’s not even much room left for you to change it even if you want to! This is by far one of the biggest drawbacks of Nespresso: Modernization gone wrong.
  • Finally, the Nespresso machines are comparatively more expensive. However, this is understandable given the amount of automation these machines provide you with. However, that’s still a negative point when viewed from the market perspective.

The Differences: Which one to go for?

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between the two systems. As I remarked earlier, they are actually entirely different systems attempting to reach the same ultimate product. Anyway, the main differences between the two might easily be summed up in the following points:

  • The Traditional Espresso Machines rely more on Individual skill while the Nespresso machines rely on automation. Only people with the ability to make espresso can prepare espresso in the traditional way, while anyone can do that with the Nespresso Machines.
  • The Traditional machines, however, if used correctly, can provide you with a way better taste at the end. This is something that there’s no room for when it comes to the Nespresso, because it’s all pre-programmed for you.
  • Another huge difference is the exact flavor, while both of them offer you with several varieties, the flavor you get from directly brewing coffee is almost always different than what you get from capsules that are ready-made to be prepared at the touch of a button.
  • Again, the Nespresso Machines are comparatively more modern and so offer you with a more aesthetic aspect, which, while not entirely absent in the traditional models as well, are pretty much available in the upper ranges.
  • Finally, the Nespresso machines are much more expensive than the traditional espresso machines. While it certainly is still cheaper than just going out and spending all your money in an overpriced Cafe, the traditional machines bring along another traditional trait with them: Conservatism when it comes to money.

The Verdict: While largely dependent on personal factors such as time, will, and taste preferences, I personally would like to opt for the Traditional Espresso Machines if I had to, and this is because of the fact that there’s actually room for your own touch there. And as I said earlier, if made perfectly, you can make way better espresso with it, so that’s what I’d go for!


Well, so now you know the differences between the two and when which one would be the better choice. Now it all depends on you, and all you have to do is understand your needs, judge the models perfectly, and take your time to think well before you make a choice! It’s surprisingly simple and you can easily make a smart purchase if only you keep these points in mind!

Don’t forget that we’re always here for you; we always try to help you out with articles such as this, and we really hope that you would reach out to us if there’s any query. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon again!

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