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Lattissima Plus vs Touch vs Pro: What’s the Difference Between These 3 Nespresso Machines?

Lattissima Plus vs Touch vs Pro: What’s the Difference Between These 3 Nespresso Machines?

If you are in the mood for something more interesting than a simple cup of black coffee then a latte from a nearby coffee shop just may be the ticket.

Unfortunately that means you have to actually get up and go to a nearby shop… unless you have some device at home that makes it super easy to make mixed espresso drinks.

That’s where the Lattissima comes into play.

Nespresso’s most popular machines include the Essenza Mini and the Pixie to name just a couple bestsellers but for full automation of common espresso drinks like lattes or cappuccinos you have to look to the more expensive but simple to use Lattissima machines.

Then you have to decide which one is right for you because there’s three of them to choose from which can be a bit confusing!

In my home I’ve chosen to buy the Lattissima Pro because it gives me a hot water only program button which I like to use to flush out the system every couple of days.

For me this is worth the extra price because I like keeping my equipment as clean as possible but there are good reasons why the other cheaper options may be right for you.

In this article I’d like to look at each of the three Lattissima machines and explain the differences between them all so that you can be confident in your purchase.

To summarize the three options let’s first take a look at the following comparison table:

Lattissima Plus vs Lattissima Touch vs Lattissima Pro
Product Lattissima Plus Lattissima Pro Lattissima Touch
Programs 4 7 6
Reservoir 30-oz 44-oz 30-oz
Value Buy If the Price is Low Best Buy Good Buy
Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Now, with that out of the way let’s quickly cover the basic differences between these three machines.

The Differences Simply Explained

On a normal day the Touch is the cheapest of the three and the Pro is the most expensive.

This is interesting because the Touch gives you two extra pre-set programs over the Plus. You get and extra warm milk froth and ristretto buttons on the Touch, these are pre-sets that the Lattissima Plus doesn’t include.

The Lattissima Pro includes both of these extra programs plus the extra hot water program which is one of the main reasons why I like this model the best.

Water Reservoir Capacity
Both the Lattissima Plus and Touch offer 30oz water reservoirs. The Pro however gives you 44-ounces which will feel a lot bigger once you start using the machine.

When your average drink requires only 1-3oz of water the extra 14-ounces in the tank can get you 4-6 extra drinks between refills which is much more convenient.

Spent Capsule Storage
The more expensive Pro version will hold a full 15 spent capsules before it needs to be emptied into the trash. This is a bit more than the other two versions.

The Lattissima Touch uses modern looking buttons on the top compared to the old-style buttons on the Lattissima+.

The Lattissima Pro also uses the modern looking buttons and changes the milk container from a square shape to a circle shape. The differences don’t really go beyond that and slight differences in the coloring options of the various machines.

How They All Work

These days having access to various home coffee brewing methods has become extremely popular. With many opting to buy single-serve or combination coffee brewers a still large segment of the consumer base are looking for more cafe-style brewing options like pour-over, espresso, or French press coffee.

There are a lot of options for single-serve coffee makers, many using pods of coffee to brew a cup but in the espresso space there aren’t a lot of affordable options for the casual espresso drinker that don’t cost enormous sums of money.

At least until Nespresso came along.

Nespresso has won over the hearts of many coffee lovers, converting even the most religious drip coffee lovers to use their convenient home espresso machines.

Basically all Nespresso machines use capsules of espresso ground coffee to brew single servings of espresso at the touch of a button all in under a minute.

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In the Lattissima line of machines nothing is really different in any major way except for pre-set programs, reservoir sizes, and used capsule chambers.

Each Lattissima uses the same 19-bar pump to create the same style of espresso from the same capsules. Even the milk frothing system is the same with the only major difference on the Pro model the milk chamber can be cleaned easily with a milk flushing (cleaning) cycle.

To learn more about the differences between Nespresso’s Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo cycles see this article. You can also learn more about the differences between Nespresso and traditional espresso here if you like.

And now, for those of you looking for more in-depth reviews of the three machines, please scroll down and we’ll go over each unit individually.

We will take a close look at the three popular Nespresso machines, the Lattissima Plus, Lattissima Touch and the Lattissima Pro to get a better understanding of each machine’s features.

I’ll be laying it all out here, so you don’t have to spend extra time figuring out what sets these machines apart.

The Main Features of the Lattissima Plus

This machine uses De’Longhi’s patented system for extracting espresso with the right amount of water flow. It uses 19 bars of pressure, which work to produce a quality, consistent drink each time.

The Lattissima Plus offers three different milk options, and two different coffee options. Selecting between your preferences is simple, as there is an easy-to-use illuminated control panel.

The machine offers single-touch settings, which can brew a personal cup of coffee or espresso. The drip tray can easily be removed, which can accommodate larger drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

The Lattissima Plus also has a thermoblock heat system which allows the machine to heat up in just seconds. It will maintain an optimal temperature once turned on.

The Lattissima Plus also has an adjustable auto shutoff which you can program to turn off whenever is convenient for you.

This machine is available in silver, black, red and white, and uses soft-touch buttons for selecting your brew. The water tank can hold 30 ounces of water at a time.

The Main Features of the Lattissima Touch

This machine makes use of the same patented system the Plus uses to extract the right amount of espresso with the water flow.

The Lattissima Touch comes programmed with six different beverage options, which you can select at a touch of a button and brew from an original Nespresso pod. The drinks programmed in the machine are espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, ristretto, and hot milk.

The system layers espresso or coffee with the rich and dense foam produced from the machine. The carafe can be adjusted to dispense your desired amount of milk.

Like the Plus, the Lattissima Touch uses thermoblock heating so the machine will heat up within a few seconds. The automatic shutoff can also be adjusted, allowing you to program it to turn off at the desired time.

This machine is available in silver and black, and uses a touch sensor for selecting brew method. The water tank can hold 30 ounces of water at a time.

The Main Features of the Lattissima Pro

The Lattissima Pro is very similar to the other two we’ve gone over so far.

It heats up quickly, uses the same pressure extraction to get the finest espresso, and steams milk for your drink. The container for milk is removable and can be placed in the fridge to keep milk fresh. The removable milk container is also dishwasher safe, making for an easy cleanup.

You can adjust how much milk is dispensed out of the machine to your desired level, and the unit is designed in such a way that no milk will ever come in contact with the coffee maker.

Like the Touch, the Lattissima Pro is programmed with one-touch options for espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto, lungo, hot milk, and hot water.

This machine also makes use of the “automatic cappuccino system” which layers espresso and coffee with thick, dense foam.

This machine is available in brushed aluminum, and uses a touch screen for selecting your brew. The water tank can hold 44 ounces of water at a time.

The Main Differences

These three machines from Nespresso are all very similar, providing a platform for users to brew their own specialty drinks with little hassle or preparation.

The Lattissima Plus and Lattissima Touch both fall around the same price range, though prices do fluctuate so be sure to check out the product listings.

The Lattissima Pro is the more expensive option of the three.

The Lattissima Touch and Pro can both brew six different drinks at the touch of a button, whereas the Lattissima Plus offers just a couple brewing options.

All of the machines use the same pressure system to extract fine espresso, and they all can be programmed to shut off at a certain time. The three machines all use the automatic cappuccino system, which carefully layers the foam with the coffee.

The Lattissima Pro can hold more water than the other two, with a 44-ounce capacity versus the 30-ounce capacity of the Plus and Touch.

The Lattissima Pro also has a removable, dishwasher safe milk container.


These three Nespresso Lattissima machines are all high quality, convenient coffee makers that brew delicious drinks. You can’t go wrong with them, but you still want to think about which one suits your needs best.

If you’re someone who doesn’t even know what ristretto or lungo is, you probably don’t need a machine that brews six different drinks. The Lattissima Plus will still accommodate drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, and many don’t need more functions than that.

If you want more functionality from your machine, the Lattissima Touch or Pro would be a better choice for your kitchen. The Lattissima Touch can brew six different types of drinks at the touch of a button, and can hold up to 30 ounces of water at a time. If you think you’ll need more than 30 ounces, the Pro would be a good choice.

If you’re just looking for the most convenient way to brew a delicious latte, the Lattissima Plus would be the most cost-efficient way to get the job done. If you expect to brew lots of coffee in many varieties, the Touch or Pro will be the right choice.

The Pro has the most functionality, as it offers the largest vessel for milk and the container is dishwasher safe. But if you don’t expect to need 44 ounces, then the Touch will probably meet all of your brewing needs for a lower price.

Personally, I would go for the Lattissima Plus, as it is the most cost-efficient option for my own needs. I don’t expect to make much more than a few lattes every week, so having a machine with the ability to brew six types of drinks is just too much for me.

I also tend to lean toward products with soft-touch buttons, as I prefer to use them over touch screens. I like having the power to choose what design I like when I purchase a new product, and this machine also offers the most variety of colors.

It really comes down to your specific needs for deciding what Nespresso Lattissima machine is best for you. Even though I prefer the Lattissima Plus, a bigger connoisseur who likes to brew ristretto or lungo would find themselves bored with this machines few options very quickly.

Consider whether you want a convenient way to brew a delicious foamy drink whenever you want, or if you want the whole experience of being able to brew a range of different drinks.

Once you’ve narrowed that down, you can consider the capacity of the water container, the need for the convenience of dishwashable parts, and your own personal budget.

All of these machines will make a delicious, foamy drink at the touch of a button. The convenience itself is a huge selling point, and the consistency of the drinks is lovely. I often get frustrated because I make a delicious drink one day, and try to recreate it the next day only for it to taste bad.

Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the different machines, and you’ll be ready for your next coffee-making gadget in no time.

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