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Keurig K-Elite vs K-Select: What’s the Difference You Ask?

Keurig K-Elite vs K-Select: What’s the Difference You Ask?

Keurig is one of the more common household names in single-serve coffee. It’s been around for decades, with the introduction of the K-Cup in the late 90s making the Keurig the big hit it is today.

Bringing a Keurig into the home not only promises delicious coffee with each brew, but offers convenience that other coffee makers can’t match.

If you’re looking to bring a Keurig into your home, you may have noticed how many different varieties are out there. Choosing which machine fits your needs requires careful consideration of your lifestyle and needs.

Both the K-Elite and the K-Select offer convenience and versatility with coffee-making. They are very similar in appearance and style, and would both mix well with other coffee equipment in the kitchen.

There are a few features that set the two machines apart. If you’ve already decided on a Keurig over a different brewing method, you’ll want to take a close look at the features provided in each machine before settling on what’s right for you.

Both machines provide a convenient, easy brew, but the K-Elite offers a few extra features that might be useful depending on how you intend to use your machine. It’s important to look over what each machine can and cannot do so you don’t end up paying for features that aren’t necessary, or buying a machine that does not meet all of your needs.

We will be comparing the features of the Keurig K-Elite and the K-Select in this article, to help clarify any uncertainties you may have between the two. Once you have a better understanding of what each machine can do, making the decision on what you purchase should be a breeze.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the main features of the K-Elite.

Main Features of the Keurig K-Elite

The K-Elite offers cup sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces, which are the most common cup sizes for coffee. It also has a simple strong brew button, which allows you to increase the strength and bold flavor of your drink with the push of a button.

The K-Elite offers a brew over ice setting as well, which allows you to create the perfect iced drink without watering it down too much. The K-Elite can also just brew hot water for the purpose of oatmeal, instant soups, or other hot drinks. This comes in handy when you just want some tea or need to quickly bring life to your instant lunch.

The water reservoir can hold up to 75 ounces of water, which will allow you to brew eight cups before having to refill. When it’s ready to be refilled, it has an easily-removable unit. This can save a lot of time from your morning routine.

The removable drip tray means you can put travel mugs under the machine and brew your coffee directly into them. This saves a lot of precious time in a busy morning, and is a great convenient touch.

The clock display on the K-Elite is programmable. This means you can adjust the settings to have the machine turn on or off at a certain time. This feature comes in handy for those who are often on the go.

Main Features of the Keurig K-Select

This machine has a range of brew sizes, much like the K-Elite. The K-Select brews 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces, just cutting out the 4-ounce option.

The water reservoir is 52 ounces on this machine, allowing for five cups to be brewed before having to refill the chamber. The brew will be complete in under a minute, just like you’d expect from a Keurig.

The K-Select also includes a stronger brew setting, which allows you to easily get a stronger cup at the touch of a button.

This machine also runs quieter than other similar models, which can be a useful feature for a shared household where some people wake up earlier than others.

The K-Select is not programmable, and cannot be set to turn on or off at a certain time. It does have an automatic shut off function though, and that is a good energy-efficient aspect.

Main Differences Between the K-Elite and K-Select

The two machines are similar in a lot of ways, something you’d come to expect from two varieties of the same brand. Their differences are small, but certain features can make a big impact on your daily routine.

The first thing that sets the two apart is the iced drink function. Making an iced drink is not too complicated of a process, but if you’ve ever tried to make one last minute on your way out the door, you’ve probably ended up with a watered down, lukewarm beverage once or twice.

The K-Elite’s iced setting eliminates this issue, allowing you to brew a perfectly iced drink each time. No more watered down, melted ice cubes.

Of course, you can always ice down a drink later. But it takes a bit of time to allow the coffee to cool off to avoid watering down the drink. If you’re a big fan of iced coffee, this feature would be the way to go.

The K-Elite also offers one more cup size than the K-Select. The four-ounce option may not be a big deal to a lot of people who prefer a big cup of coffee in the morning. However, there are many people who prefer a small, concentrated amount, and starting at eight ounces might not be practical.

Both machines allow you to choose a stronger brew. The K-Elite also has a temperature control, giving you more say over your brew.

The K-Elite can be programmed to turn on and off at a specific time. This is a great function for people who are forgetful or moving fast throughout the day. The K-Select can’t be programmed in that way, but it still can be set to shut off at a certain time which is great for energy-efficiency and can ease the minds of any forgetful coffee makers.


Whether the K-Select or the K-Elite is the right Keurig for your lifestyle all comes down to your personal preference.

The two machines are very similar in design and function. Either the K-Select or the K-Elite would provide easy access to delicious coffee on the daily. With each of these machines, you’ll never have to worry about grinding beans, having filters on hand, or measuring out the perfect ratio.

Keurigs have exploded in popularity, and rightfully so with the convenient features they offer. There are many varieties, so when it comes down to narrowing between two great options, it can be difficult.

The K-Elite can offer more than the K-Select ever can. It offers an extra cup size for brewing, an iced coffee function, and a programmable automatic on/off setting. These features might not be necessary for everyone, so consider your needs before making the decision.

For me, choosing the K-Elite was an easy choice. I was sold by the iced drink setting, as I prefer my coffee to be iced in most circumstances. I generally try to make coffee at home to save time and money, but I find myself opting to pay a few extra bucks on the days I want a good cup of iced coffee.

The reason I buy iced coffee rather than try to make it at home is because I tend to underestimate the amount of time it will take for my coffee to cool off so I can add ice cubes without melting them and watering down the drink. This has led to a few disastrous situations, including exploding my favorite jar in the freezer while trying to cool off a cup of hot coffee.

The ability to set my coffee maker to an iced setting, to circumvent any possible mishaps with watered down or lukewarm coffee, is extremely useful. The iced setting works by brewing a smaller, more concentrated amount of coffee to account for the initial melt of the ice cubes, and to prevent that from creating a watered-down taste.

If you don’t drink have an interest in iced drinks, and don’t need to brew four ounces, the K-Select will probably suit all of the needs you may have from a coffee maker.

You can check the current pricing for the K-Elite here and the K-Select here. Generally speaking, the prices aren’t too far apart for the two machines. If you’re not on a tight budget, the K-Elite’s extra features might be worth a little more money in the case that you ever find yourself wanting an iced drink or an automatic turn on/shut off feature.

Whatever you end up choosing, your life will be made easier by the convenience of a Keurig machine. Coffee will be brewed quickly, and the taste will always be bold and rich.

Consider what you want most out of your machine as you decide between the K-Elite and the K-Select. Both are great choices.

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