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Is Your Keurig Dripping Slow? Read This and Fix It!

Is your Keurig not dripping properly now although it was until a while ago? While it can happen naturally, it has mostly been reported to happen in case of a power cut in the middle of processing. However, there is no need to worry because Gamble Bay Coffee is here to address your issue.

We know how important your coffee is to you and we are here to show you how to fix this slow dripping problem. Like everything else, we are going to try to approach it from a perspective that does not really require you to take your machine apart- please keep in mind that taking it apart is always the final solution and should never be approached until there’s nothing else left to try. So, you might want to try out this method first, and perhaps visit someone professional if this doesn’t work, because taking it apart isn’t really recommended if you’re not entirely aware about the machine.

Why is this happening?

The main reason behind a slow dripping is blocked channel- the channel through which your coffee passes through to be served into your cup might get blocked, and that would immensely slow the dripping- in fact, it might seem like it’s not dripping at all!

Keep in mind: It’s not like your coffee is not being made in this case- it is being made! However, since the channel is blocked, it’s not being able to come out. So, what should you do in a situation like this?

What to do in a situation like this?

Well, you might want to follow the following steps and see if it work. Honestly, this is one of the only things you can do in this specific situation and the only option if it doesn’t work is to go to someone professional because then your machine might be having some serious problems which really can’t be fixed without taking it apart. So, you might want to:

i. Turn off the machine and the power to it.

Keep in mind, that whenever you’re planning to do something related to a machine that runs on power, disconnecting the power is the first thing to do. Keep that in mind because safety always comes first. If a machine doesn’t work, it’s okay because you can buy another- but your life is worth much more than any machine available out there.

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ii. Take the reservoir off.

What you should do next is take your reservoir off, keep in mind that this is one of those things that you must do in case of most of the fixing processes that you can run with your Keurig.

iii. Open it like you do when you insert the K-cup.

Then, open it like you do whenever you insert your K-cup in order to get your coffee prepared, but don’t put in the K-cup this time, of course.

iv. Take off the thing it uses the puncture the cups.

You need to, really carefully, take off the thing that it uses the puncture the cups now. Please be careful while doing this so that you don’t hurt yourself or break anything over there, because this is a really important part you’re dealing with.

v. Clean out the tube behind the puncture thing, that’s what’s jammed!

The tube, as I remarked earlier, is the thing that’s jammed in this case. Find something that you can clear it with, the general thing that is used in this case is a paperclip but you can use anything that can get inside there and can be used with similar efficiency. Keep in mind that nothing here is going to break and it might require some force, so you can use a little force if it’s important. Of course, there’s never any reason to use more force than is required, especially when you’re poking the insides of your machine in hopes of fixing it!

vi. Clear out what’s jamming it.

Take your time in clearing out whatever is jamming it on the inside. This is why you’re coffee probably isn’t dripping properly, and so you might want to take your time and do it properly so as to not have to repeat the same thing over again because it wasn’t cleaned properly.

vii. Put Everything Back Together.

Next, you have to put everything back together. Put the paperclip (or what you’re using instead of it) aside, put the puncturing thing back in it’s place, put in a K-Cup and close the K-Cup Insertion part, and finally connect the machine and let it make Coffee for you again!

viii. Wait until the flow gets back to normal (it may take a few seconds after you start, naturally).

Then, wait for a while until the flow gets back to normal. Honestly, if you did everything right and if this was the problem, it should be alright by now.

ix. Enjoy your Coffee!

Finally, if it works out well, you have your coffee now! The much needed coffee that you were waiting for and did all this for is finally there, what are you waiting for?

Gamble Bay Coffee is here for you!

We hope that you could learn at least something new from today’s article, and we really hope that you would be able to fix your machine easily so that you can continue getting the best coffee that we all crave!

Gamble Bay Coffee brings to you articles such as this one to ensure that you only get the best coffee and in the best ways possible. We are always here for you and look forward to hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything that you need any help with! We are always on the lookout for being able to help you with any queries or problems that you might have so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Once again, we hope you liked today’s article and we hope you would check out the other ones here at Gamble Bay Coffee! Till then, we wish you good luck and a great day!


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