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About James, The Author & Manager of Gamble Bay Coffee


James Lambert, Author & Manager of Gamble Bay Coffee

I’m James Lambert, the main author, editor, and barista here at Gamble Bay Coffee.

I used to make coffee for people all the time at local cafes but got really interested in home roasting and eventually reviewing coffee products and teaching other people to make their own coffee at home just as good as or better than they could get at most coffee shops.

On this website I’ve published nearly 200 long form educational posts that help thousands of people make better coffee every day and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the direction my life is going.

I know from experience that most people want to know how to make the best coffee possible but also want to make the easiest coffee possible most of the time so I cater to both tendencies. I show my readers how to make excellent coffee quickly with basic homeowner methods like drip, Keurig, French press, etc. But I also go into detail on higher end techniques that only the die-hards go for.

You can see more about me and connect with me on social media through my profile. You can also follow me on my YouTube channel here, or you can reach me old-school style (by email) anytime at

For physical mailings I have a virtual office setup at: 14925 SW Barrows Rd., Ste. 3098, Beaverton, OR 97007.

Please follow us because we are loving this new way to reach our customers!
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