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The Differences Between Aeropress & Regular Drip Coffee

The Differences Between Aeropress & Regular Drip Coffee

Aeropresses are one of the more popular methods of making coffee in recent years. The thing that makes this kind of surprising is how you make Aeropress coffee. Because of its popularity, you may be wondering how it is different to your regular drip coffee that you get from your household coffee maker.

Gamble Bay Coffee is a source dedicated to bringing you the most reliable information on everything you need to know about coffee. Manual coffee brewing methods, like using the Aeropress, have become increasingly popular, providing an involving and fun change to brewing with your drip coffee maker.

Before we take a look at each of these individually, I want to talk about what makes these two methods of brewing coffee different and explain why it matters.

What Makes Aeropress and Drip Coffee Different?

Aeropress vs Regular CoffeeSo we know that an Aeropress is a manual method of making coffee rather than automatic, but what else makes it so different?

  1. Many Aeropress makers are also capable of (and very good at) making espressos. So if you would rather have espresso in the morning and Aeropress coffee or drip coffee, you certainly have the option.
  2. Since Aeropress uses pressure and such to make the coffee, as well as using a metal filter in some cases, it is often much stronger than regular drip coffee.
  3. Drip coffee, using a paper filter, doesn’t get all of the oils and benefits from the coffee that something like an Aeropress would.
  4. Because of the espresso-like coffee it makes, the Aeropress can make many different styles and types of coffee, whereas the coffee from the drip maker is a one-type-only kind of maker.

It is important to note that the Aeropress only makes a single cup. While for most users this is not an issue, some people may need a bit more caffeine than that and may not have the time to do the process, repeatedly.

Is an Aeropress Better Than a Drip Coffee Maker?

aeropressIn many ways, I would say yes, although it does have its shortcomings. As I said, an Aeropress is only designed to make a single cup of coffee, compared to a drip coffee maker, which can make multiple cups at once. This can be offset in the sense that you can steep it for longer to get stronger coffee, and thus, more caffeine.

An AeroPress is a lot like a Chemex Coffeemaker in the sense that it has the appearance of something you would find in a chemistry kit. There are some Aeropress makers that are made bigger to accommodate more cups of coffee for the same process, but most of them are only large enough for one cup.

One of the other downsides to an Aeropress is that it uses disposable filters, this makes it more tedious for on-the-go use as you have to carry the Aeropress and coffee around, as well as disposable filters. These filters help make the Aeropress an all-around cleaner method of brewing coffee, as everything is linear and simple to clean.

One of the benefits of an Aeropress is that, although not as fast as an espresso machine, it brews quite fast, making it more convenient for someone in a rush.

The Aeropress is made of plastic, so it is practically invulnerable. With them being inexpensive and making good quality coffee, they are, without a doubt, worth the buy. If you are looking into purchasing one, I would recommend this one, as it makes quite a bit more coffee than an average Aeropress maker and comes with everything you need.

I would definitely recommend these over the drip coffee makers, especially if you are someone who enjoys exercising in the mornings. Being that the caffeine content in Aeropress coffee is about on par with that of an espresso, it will give you a great burst of energy that drip coffee can’t provide.

Is Drip Coffee Better Than Aeropress Coffee?

drip-coffeeIn most ways, I would have to say that, no, drip coffee is not better than Aeropress coffee. This is for a number of reasons and, while I don’t believe drip coffee is bad, as I drink it on occasion, it just pales in comparison to the tons of options there are aside from it.

However, if you are looking for coffee that isn’t as strong as Aeropress coffee and similar drinks, drip coffee is a perfect way to go. Drip coffee is one of the widest consumer choices in coffee.

Most drip coffee machines are fairly inexpensive and you can find them for around the same price as an Aeropress, so neither will set you back much in funds. Although, drip coffee has many redeeming qualities in its autonomy. You can find many variants of the coffee makers, some of which can have timers set, or even add in sugar and such during the brewing process.

However, I firmly believe that, because of the strength disparity and caffeine content in these two types of coffee, you are wasting some money when you use a drip machine, rather than the alternative. This is a subjective view, of course, but I think that if you aren’t getting the most out of your coffee, you are wasting money.

If you don’t have a drip coffee maker, as of yet, I would recommend a coffee maker like this BESTEK one. It is one I usually always recommend in these articles because it has the programmable timer that I mentioned, and is fairly high quality for the price.

So while I don’t believe that drip coffee is the best way to go, I don’t think it is a bad choice either.

So Which is the Best?

Overall, I think that the Aeropress really wins this one. As I said, the Aeropress has many qualities that make it unique in the coffee world, compared to many other brewing methods. Its large range of versatility and ability to make different types of coffee really sets it apart from most things on the market.

One thing I think may come close to the Aeropress would be something like the Moka Pot. Moka Pots are nice and offer a lot of the same versatility that an Aeropress does.

If you have no other choice, you can’t go wrong with using a drip coffee maker, but there is nothing like the satisfaction of brewing your own coffee and being able to do it quickly. Now, if you are looking for other alternatives to drip coffee aside from Aeropress, I would recommend checking out our article comparing it to percolator coffee.

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