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A Big List of Southern Oregon Coffee Roasters

There is a huge coffee scene in Southern Oregon that gets overshadowed all the time by the Portland metro area and other urban cities along the northern I-5 corridor.

If you are looking for good coffee outside of Portland you will do good by consulting this list.

Coffee Bean Roasteries in Southern Oregon

Albany, OR

  • Allann Brothers Coffee –

Ashland, OR

  • Noble Coffee Roasting –
  • Case Coffee Roasters –
  • Rogue Valley Roasting Co. –

Bandon, OR

  • RayJen Coffee Company –

Bend, OR

  • BackPorch Coffee Roasters –
  • Strictly Organic Coffee Co. –
  • 11 Roasters –
  • Thump Genuine Coffee –
  • Lone Pine Coffee Roasters –
  • Bellatazza Coffee –
  • Looney Bean –

Charleston, OR

  • Bayside Coffee –

Eugene/Springfield, OR

  • Cape Horn Coffees, Inc. –
  • Cafeto Coffee Company –
  • Brails Espresso –
  • Full City Coffee Roasters –
  • Slightly Coffee –
  • Tailored Coffee –
  • Wandering Goat Coffee Company –
  • Equiano Coffee Co. –
  • Coffee Plant Roaster –
  • Global Delights Coffee Roasters –
  • Caffe Pacori Wood Roasted Coffee –
  • Equator Coffee Company –
  • South Fork Coffee & Water Co. –

Florence, OR

  • Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters –

Grants Pass, OR

  • Rogue Roasters –

Jacksonville, OR

  • Good Bean Coffee –

Klamath Falls, Oregon

  • Gathering Grounds Cafe & Roastery – |
  • Quackenbush Coffee Roasters –

Langolis, OR

  • Floras Creek Coffee Co. –

Medord, Oregon

  • Mellelo Coffee Roasters –
  • Limestone Coffee Company –
  • Oregon Mountain Coffee Company –

Redmond, OR

  • Green Plow Coffee Roasters –

Sisters, OR

  • Sisters Coffee –

Sutherlin, OR

  • White Horse Coffee & Tea Company –

Terrebonne, OR

  • Smith Rock Coffee Roasters –

Did I Miss Any Other Coffee Roasters?

I’ve tried my best to provide info on all the roastery companies that are based out of Southern Oregon spanning the coast to the Eastern side of the state.

If I missed any regional roasting companies please let me know. Hit my contact page up for my contact information as well as social media.

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