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Stovetop milk frothers are actually both more automated and more manual than we imagine them to be. In fact, they strike such a beautiful balance between the two levels that it’s impossible to imagine without actually using one at least once by yourself. And the good part about this is that stovetop milk frothers are actually quite affordable things and almost everyone can give them a try without hurting their wallet.

But of course, even in this case, we are here for you and we will be beside you all the time to guide you through the process of finding the right model that you might give a shot. Also, we’re going to show you the main things that you must keep in mind in order to judge every model so that you can finally go for the model that serves all your needs perfectly.

Stovetop Milk Frother Reviews – The Top Consumer Models Sold Today

As we just said, while these models are pretty much affordable, that doesn’t mean you should go for them, blindly. It’s still your duty as a smart shopper to check the things you can about them before you make a purchase- the exact reason why you are here today!

So, once again, there’s no need for you to worry because Gamble Bay Coffee is here for you and we’re here to help you find the best model for yourself to serve all your needs. We’ve also gone ahead and narrowed down the choices for you to these few models:

HIC Milk Creamer Frother

Let’s begin with the HIC Milk Frother that a lot of people tend to go for at the very beginning. While this model isn’t the top selling model out there, it certainly is among the top rated and most loved ones. This shows that it’s one of the best choices that people have made. The reason behind this can easily be found if we take a look at the features of this model.

  • This model has several reasons to be durable. Besides the fact that it has been made by the HIC line of products, it has also been made from high quality stainless steel.
  • This model boasts of a capacity of about 14 ounces.
  • This model also has a built-in, double-mesh aerator and an easy-grip handle to add to its list of great features.

Bellemain Stainless Steel Hand Pump Milk Frother

This is the bestselling stovetop milk frother in the market, as of now. The Bellemain Stainless Steel Hand Pump Milk Frother boasts quite a few features that are bound to make just about anyone fall in love with this model. And if that wasn’t enough, the fact that so many people have loved it is also another positive credential. So, the main features of this model are summed up in the following points:

  • As the name states, this model has a stainless steel body that ensures durability.
  • This model is also completely dishwasher safe- this frees you from the hassle of having to clean it in the hard, manual way. You don’t have to think twice about using the frother out of worry for future cleaning.
  • This model also comes with a 14 ounce capacity, as is the standard for stovetop milk frothers.

Webat 400ml Stainless Steel Milk Frother

The next product that you might want to take a look at is from the Webat line of products. Yes, you got it right, I’m talking about the Webat 400ml Stainless Steel Milk Frother. This model that isn’t discussed too much, but is still held to be the very best by those who have had the chance to use it. So, the main features that this model boasts of can be summed up as:

  • The “double-froth-screen” which enables you to create thicker and creamier froth.
  • This model also boasts of a double gauge frother, to hopefully get your preferred level of froth in as few pumps as possible.
  • This model also has another variant of 800 ml, in case you’re looking for something slightly larger.
  • Finally, this model is one of the most affordable choices among the stovetop milk frothers, making it a model that’s available to everyone.

La Cafetiere Bialetti Tuttocrema Frothing Jug

Let’s end this list with the La Cafetiere Bialetti Tuttocrema Frothing Jug. For those who are not at all familiar with this market, Bialetti is, by far, one of the most respected companies in the coffee appliance market and is one of those lines of products that you could probably safely buy without research.

This line of products charges you a bit more than others, but gives you excess utilities that are worth the extra price, making both their product and their name unique. So, the main features this specific model boasts of are:

  • This model has a Teflon non-stick surface that ensures that it won’t be hard for you to clean it after you’re done with it.
  • This model also has a double filter to ensure that you can get extra frothy milk every time you use this model. If you’re looking for that extra level of fine froth, then this is a model worth considering!
  • This model is also available in two size variations: 3 and 6 cups. Both are exactly the same in terms of functions and features.

Once again, at the end of the day it’s a product from the Bialetti line, one that is actually worth going for even though it costs a bit more than the average product. So, if you’re willing to pay the extra buck for the best stovetop milk frother, this seems like an ideal choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Now, as I said earlier, not all models are for everyone. There are quite a few things to keep in mind when judging a model for yourself. Your needs are always the most important part of a purchase.

So, while we’ve mentioned the features we liked up above, we’re still going to list out what we looked for, so that you can use these points, yourself, to ensure that you get the best option for you. Without further ado:

  1. One of the primary things that the whole article is about is the fact that the frother has to be stovetop based.
  2. We’ve also taken care to mention the size/volume of the model because we understand that everyone has different needs.
  3. One important thing that you must keep in mind is the durability of a product. You might have a lot of options, but a good, durable product actually makes itself worth it. In case of other products, while it looks less expensive, you’re actually paying more with replacement costs.
  4. Naturally, the economic side of the story has been considered. This might sound really common, or even cliche, but there’s simply nothing to do about it. Affordability isn’t the same for everyone, so we have to consider it when we make a generalized list.

Stovetop Milk Frother Comparison Information

Now, all of these factors have been considered while compiling this list for you. Thus, this list is the result of quite a bit of judgement. However, it is indispensable that you judge the models according to your own specific needs.

Keep in mind that the best model for you isn’t the one that’s best for everyone else. It’s the one that serves all your needs at the most affordable, or most reasonable, price- this is one of the things that you must always remember to be a smart shopper.

Stovetop Milk Frother FAQ

Now, of course, there might be quite a few questions in your mind. And it’s time that we got to them. As your host, I’d be obliged to answer all your questions. Right now, I’m going to respond to the most common ones. Should you not find your answer here, feel free to get in touch with me and I’m sure we can find an answer together!

  • Are the large models any different from the smaller ones?
    Aside from capacity/size, not really. The product’s purpose is the same- in fact, the way in which it works is also the same in case of every size. However, as we have stated earlier, several people have several needs when it comes to size and, as such, it’s one of those things that you must check out when you go for a model to ensure that you get the one that fits your needs, properly.
  • Are all these models really safe?
    Of course. Safety is one of the main concerns given to the manufacturers. They had to get a lot of certifications from a lot of organizations to be able to produce them on this scale. Also, all of these are pretty large companies so you don’t really have to worry a lot because they are entirely safe. The fact that they are safe is also further proven by the people who have used them and love them. So, there’s no reason to worry about this.
  • I have other questions. What do I do?
    We understand that you might have some other questions or things that have confused you. Well, that’s perfectly alright and we apologize that we didn’t address them. You can reach out to us and we assure you that we’ll try to help you in any way that we can. Please know that Gamble Bay Coffee is always here to help you make the best purchases!


So, at the end of the day, all these models (and even more) are available for you to buy. But you must keep in mind that it’s not just going to the market and buying a model. You must keep in mind that you have to do your research first. You have to judge every model based on your needs and find the one that’s the best for you to make the best purchase!

Gamble Bay Coffee understands that you want don’t want to waste money on an unsuitable product and we stand by your side all the time, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with anything to ask or discuss! We will await you and look forward for your next visit- thank you!