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About Us

About Us

Gamble Bay Coffee Company sends you a warm welcome. So warm in fact we hope you’ll try our iced version. 🙂

We are a new coffee company and our site is growing. Check back soon for updates and specials as we ramp up operations.

Our immediate plans for the future include building a shop that doesn’t just serve coffee up but gives our customers the tools to make great coffee at home.

We want to serve you great specialty espresso drinks in house but we understand that not everyone has the ability and desire to go to a coffee house every single day – we do know though that most coffee drinkers still do get their caffeine fix every day and we want to be a part of that.

We are big fans of home espresso makers and we plan on selling them in the store. Nespresso is a brand that I have in my own kitchen at home and it’s a product line that I’d like to feature in our shop.

Bialetti makes high end stovetop moka pots which are excellent low cost options.

I anticipate future in-shop workshops on home roasting coffee beans.

I also want to educate our customers on the art of making excellent coffee from a press pot, arguably the best way to make coffee taking all things into consideration.

We also plan on selling lots of related coffee accessories. We want to sell those, tumblers, tea brewers, press pots, frothing wands, and all the coffee themed nick-nacks you might want in your kitchen.

Will we mimic Starbucks? No. But you bet we’re going to try our best to be as well rounded a coffee shop as you’ve ever walked into.

Cuppings, yeah, we have plans for those in our shops future too. If you don’t know what these are just think wine tastings and apply the principal to coffee. You can read a lot more about it over on CoffeeGeek if you are interested.

In the mean time our web operations are getting up to full speed. Our website is an integral part of our business. This is where we educate our customers. We answer questions, advise on equipment purchases, review products and coffees, and curate relevant information our customers are interested in.

Our operations are location independent (for the time being) but our headquarters is based out of Southern Oregon and that’s the geographic location we will typically cater to.

Our lead writer and entrepreneur is James Lambert. We have a partner web editor on board that you’ll see from time to time, Jason, and our business development and strategic mind behind the operation, Brian, is constantly working behind the scenes.

While we get our full business up and running we hope you’ll enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you wait for the paint to dry around these parts. We’ve got a lot back end stuff to deal with and in time our site will be filled with plenty of shop information and tips to make your experience with coffee even better.

We’re suckers for good coffee and we hope you are too.

Want to Contact Us?

You can email us any time:

Also, please take the time to connect with our company and lead writer James on any or all of the social networking sites.

Please follow us because we are loving this new way to reach our customers!
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