French Press VS Drip Coffee: What’s the difference?

For coffee enthusiasts, coffee isn’t something to be taken lightly. Coffee is a way of life. Coffee is important to them. They have learned that coffee beans are not the only thing that is important to achieve a great cup of coffee. It isn’t only about the quality of equipment either. A huge contributor to a good cup of coffee is the process in which coffee is made. There are many methods to make coffee out there. I am going to be touching on two of those methods in this article. While going through this article, keep in mind what you want to accomplish with coffee.

Comparing The Two

Many out there prefer to go the most convenient route in regards to getting their coffee fix. In most cases, that means compromising taste for convenience. If you are looking for convenience, depending on your definition of convenience, then the french press method may not be for you.

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The french press method requires more labor on your part, in comparison to drip coffee making. The process of making coffee in a french press is for those with patience. Usually, coffee using this method takes about 4 minutes. So if you are wishing to save time and labor, then this is not the method for you. Plus, you may just want to wake up to your cup of coffee instead of being so involved in the making of it. Drip coffee makers can be programmed to make coffee on their own. Some even have grinders attached to them and require very little labor on your part.

When shopping for your next coffee maker, outside of the price, you may consider things like the looks or the size of it. If you have a lot of counter space and like big equipment then a drip coffee maker may suit you. Some people don’t have much counter space or they like small and attractive equipment and so they may go the french press route. Although the french press is smaller and can be stored out of sight pretty easily, they still require a way to boil water. After all, they are not electric and have no heating element.

Something else to consider in the difference of these two coffee-making methods is in the flavor. A french press will give you a full flavor of the coffee beans and the essential oils that you lose with drip coffee makers. You may find that coffee using the french press method may be a bit bitter. It is all subjective, but what I can tell you for sure is that you get a more powerful aroma using the french press method.

Do you like to camp and travel and don’t want to have your coffee experience affected by your recreation? Many buy a french press just for the reason of portability. If you want something portable, this is the equipment for you. A french press can go anywhere while a drip coffee maker is big and not to mention, it needs to be plugged into an outlet. Many people don’t like getting up earlier just to make their coffee but the love the taste that the french press offers, so they take their french press to work. It is great for situations like that.

If you are planning to bulk brew, then a drip coffee maker will be something you will want to invest in. French presses are limited in how many cups of coffee they can make. They usually can make only 4 to 5 cups at once. The good news is that most of the drip coffee makers out there can brew at LEAST 8 cups at one time. Want more good news? Some standard drip coffee makers have the capacity and ability to brew up to 14 cups at once!

Unfortunately, drip coffee makers are not versatile. If you are looking for versatility then look into getting a french press. Why? Because you can use a french press for making iced coffee. In a french press you can easily crank up the concentration of the coffee. That is what you need for iced coffee. Then after you make your super concentrated cup of coffee, you can add to a cup of ice and enjoy your great cup of iced coffee. Something else that you can easily do with a french press is brewing loose tea!

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What Is Your Stance?

As you see, there are serious benefits to each of these pieces of equipment and methods. But it all boils down to your style of life and of course your taste preference. Depending on your definition of what excellent or great is, both of these methods can get you a great or excellent cup of coffee. Now it only comes down to what you want to do with you piece of equipment and what taste you prefer. To really know the difference in taste, it is only vital that you taste coffee from both pieces of equipment; only then, can you truly know the difference in the taste. Below is a short summary of what we talked about above.


Making coffee in a french press or a drip coffee maker are very different methods, not to mention they require different equipment. So if you are looking for a more sleek, compact, portable piece of equipment or perhaps just a more rustic and strong coffee, then start thinking about saving to get a nice french press. This one happens to be one of the most efficient ones that I have found: KONA.

Now, if you are looking to brew in bulk, or like large pieces of equipment or perhaps you just fell in love with a more cleaner and smoother brew, then a drip coffee maker may be what you will want to be purchasing next. Here is one that I have found to be one of the best, yet affordable: Conair.

I hope this article has been helpful and educational in regards to this topic. Thank you for reading!