Creative Uses For Coffee Grounds

coffee scrubMost people simply throw away old coffee grind after brewing a pot in the morning. There are however lots of different things you can do with those used grounds if you care to go through the effort. The grind itself is usually very rich in nutrients and if you buy better coffee it’s usually organic and fresh too.

The most common uses include composting and soil amendments. Some people even drop it on their lawn just to keep cats away.

For the adventerous type in the bathroom many people use coffee grounds as an exfoliant and scrub. The gritty nature of grounds help to clean while also imparting all the good oils into one’s skin. This certainly isn’t for everyone but some people really think it helps with skin health.

In the following video a number of good uses for old used coffee grind are detailed. If you prefer to watch and listen rather than read go ahead and give the vid a gander. There are some interesting ideas presented.

I for one love the idea of using coffee grounds on the lawn to keep cats away. I’m always having trouble with keeping cats away from bare patches in my grass. I like to strip poor patches up and amend the soil before placing new seed on the spot. Unfortunately many cats see this as a perfect litter box. The grind sprinkled on top acts as a deterrent and as a result my bare patches are repaired a lot faster and more completely as they aren’t bothered as frequently by meandering felines from the neighborhood.

This is also particularly interesting for people who get coffee but never drink it. After a while the coffee beans start tasting pretty old so you could easily crush your beans and use them for other purposes. This post covers grinding coffee beans without a coffee grinder if you find yourself in this circumstance.


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