How to Take Apart a Keurig: Disassembly Instructions

Sometimes you have a problem with a Keurig that can only be fixed with a Keurig disassembly. It’s a pin for sure but it’s better than trashing the unit and sometimes this can resolve problems a lot faster tha going through the warranty process.

If you want to learn how to disassemble a Keurig then read on. I’ll be giving you all the tips you need to get yours taken apart correctly and put back together as quick as possible.

How to Take Apart Keurig Coffee Makers

Before we dive deep lets first watch a quick video on how to disassemble Keurig machines.

Thanks to for putting together this awesome tutorial.

First things first you have to take off the water reservoir and drip tray. These are made to come off easily as you no doubt know quite well already. You can also pull the k-cup holder out by hand without the use of any tools.

With those easy parts out of the way the first hard thing to do is to remove the casing from your Keurig. We do that by first flipping the machine upside down and using a screwdriver to take the screws out of the base plate.

Take The Bottom Off A KeurigWith the screws off the bottom can be removed except it’s got some wires holding on to the inside of the machine. To do any serious repairs inside the housing you will have to cut these wires leaving enough room to repair your cuts when it it comes time to put your Keurig machine back together.

Once the bottom is fully removed then you have access to the water pump and tubing that immediately connects to the water reservoir at the bottom. You’ll also note that even if the water pump is working properly there is a pretty LED light in this section of tubing that illuminates the water reservoir. If this light goes (or more likely the wiring that operates this light shorts) then this is the section of tubing that would need to be replaced or the wiring should be repaired.

Keurig Water Reservoir Light

Continue Removing the Keurig Base

The next part involves removing another group of screws. There are four screws surrounding the main water pump holding the rest of the bottom of the machine together. Remove these screws and the two holding the end of the water pump tubing.

With these screws removed the bottom of the Keurig can be slowly lifted off. Just be careful to not pull the water pump tubing too hard as it is still connected to the body. You will also have to carefully deal with the power cord which is still connected to the base. Just pop the power cord out of where it clips to the base and slide the base off.

Remove the Keurig Base

Take Apart the Top of a Keurig

Once the bottom of the Keurig is fully removed the next step to disassembly is to take apart the top where the K Cups are inserted.

If you open the top up as if you were going to insert a kcup you will find some more screws that need to be removed. There are two on either side of the needle and one on each side of the handle. Be removing these screws you will be able to take the handle off your Keurig relatively easily.

Disassemble the Top of a Keurig

Once you get the proper screws removed you can then gently lift the handle and lid directly off the top of the unit. You may need to slightly close the lid to lift of off both pieces at the same time. Once removed the lid and the handle can be separated easily.

This is what to top of your Keurig should now look like once you remove the handle.

Remove Handle From Keurig

When you get the handle removed from the top of your Keurig you will next need to grab a hex screw driver to remove two more screws inside the top assembly.

Take Hex Screws Out Of Keurig Top

Open up the Body of Your Keurig Machine

With the base removed and the top of your Keurig pulled apart next we move on to the disassembly of the body casing. For this job you must be prepared to slightly damage some of the interior plastic. It’s almost inevitable.

To remove the silver top plate of your Keurig from the black plastic body you’ll need to flip your machine upside down and use a long shafted tool like a flat-head screwdriver to pop three plastic clip hinges apart. These clips hold the top plate to the body and can’t be reached effectively without going in from the bottom. They will likely be damaged when you separate them but this will not be evident from the outside when you put the unit back together.

The first clip you will work on will be the inside clip located under the LCD screen where the silver top casing meets the black body casing. You’ll need to insert your long handled flat-head on the clip and use a hammer to pop the clip apart.

Separate the Clips Holding the Keurig Body Together

The second and third clips are located roughly on the back “corners” of the body. Understand that the back is curved but if it was squares they are located roughly where the corners would be.

Use your long handled tool and a hammer to pop these two clips off and the grey or silver top plate should be able to separate from the black body with as little internal damage as possible. In most cases you can do this carefully enough to keep the internal damage low enough to get these clips to go back together just fine when you put everything back together.

As an example of what you are looking for here is what the clips look like in the body once you get it off.

Clip Inside Keurig

That’s it! At least, that’s how to open up a Keurig machine and get to the guts inside. Of course there are lots of additional disassembly procedures beyond this to get to various parts that may be malfunctioning but that should get you started.

As I add posts to this site on fixing other components inside a Keurig I’ll link to them from this page.

Good luck with your repair!

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Here is the disassembly of a Keurig 2.0 Machine

The tutorial above should help with the disassembly of most Keurig machines but in case you want to see an extra example check out this extra video on taking apart a Keurig 2.0.

How to Repair the Wires Inside a Keurig Coffee Maker

Here are a couple pictures of what you need to do to fix wiring problems inside your Keurig. You will basically need to cut damaged wire sections and solder then back together again.

If you fully remove the bottom from your keurig machine then you will have to cut these wires. Using a soldering gun and a heat shrink will let you safely put them back together again when it comes time to reassemble your Keurig machine.

Use Soldering Iron to Join Wires Together

Repair the Wires In Your Keurig Machine

The Strongest K Cup Coffees & How to Brew Even Stronger Coffee With Your Keurig

Are you looking to buy the strongest k cup coffee you can find? I’m right there with you. I love the ease and convenience of the Keurig system but I am not a big fan of some of the weak coffee many of the kcups produce.

Below I’ve listed some of the strongest Keurig coffee pods you can buy. As is always the case, brew these with the smaller cup option on your machine and you’ll be getting the strongest coffee possible from your Keurig.

Super Strong K Cup Coffee Pods to Buy & Try For Yourself

Here are some of the strongest k cups for sale today. Click through each link for pricing and product details. I’ve provided my own notes for each option below for your convenience.

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Revv K-Cup for Keurig Brewers, Dark Roast (Pack of 30), Ships in Brown BoxRevv K-Cup for Keurig Brewers, Dark Roast (Pack of 30), Ships in Brown Box

How to Make Stronger Coffee With Your Keurig

The coffee pods listed above will get you started in the right place. They are all really strong coffee k cup options that are hard to beat.

If you use them however you should know there are still more ways to ensure you get the strongest coffee possible.

In normal coffee brewing environments you get strong coffee by slowing down the brew time, using the hottest water possible off a brew, and by decreasing the grind size, a common way of getting more surface area for better brew extraction.

With a Keurig coffee machine however you are limited by the temperature of the water the machine uses to brew and are largely limited by the speed at which the machine brews water. You can’t increase the amount of grind in a pod due to them all being uniform in size, and you can’t tamp the grind down to get more grind in the pod either.

There really are few easy ways to increase the strength of your coffee comparable to the ways you would do so in more traditional coffee makers.

The easiest way you can actually make better and stronger Keurig coffee is to pre-heat the water used for your brew. By this I don’t mean put hot water in the water reservoir, I’m talking about running a large cup of coffee cycle through the Keurig that is really just water. Don’t insert a k cup into the machine. Run it as just water and this will get the heating element hot and the water for the next cup will be a few degrees hotter which will help with extraction.

In other forms of coffee brewing getting the temperature closer to boiling helps and this is the most you can do to get every degree of heat into your Keurig brew. The ultimate affect this has on your coffee will be small but it will help maximize the strength of the coffee you make out of it.

Another way to get the most strength out of every cup you brew is to literally only use the first part of the brew and throw the rest away!

Sounds wasteful I know but the amount of coffee grind that can fit in a k cup is not great enough to brew a full bodied 6-ounce cup of coffee. You really need a bigger k-cup for a 6 ounce cup of coffee than the pod size allowed.

Because of this the first 4-5 ounces of coffee brewed from each k cup will be stronger than the last 1-2 ounces of coffee brewed. The water (assuming it’s hot enough) will extract the most flavor in the beginning and the least at the end.

Use that drip tray to collect the last, watery bit of coffee and just throw it away. You wouldn’t brew coffee twice using the same grounds so don’t try to get more coffee from a pod that is just too small.

Now there are even more crafty ways to increase the strength of your Keurig coffee pods. If you are brewing with a Keurig 1.0 machine it’s a little easier to hack your own pods but even with a Keurig 2.0 machine you can still “trick” the machine into using your own pods.

Instructables has a good tutorial on hacking your own pods. For me, this is overkill and defeats the purpose and convenience of the Keurig system.

When I think about brewing string Keurig coffee I always find the ease of pulling your cup out before the brew cycle ends to be the simplest and most effective method. Pair this with using a pre-heated Keurig, and an extra bold pod in the brew chamber and this is about as good as you can get. If you want any more strength then just do what everyone else does… start brewing with a french press!